White Capital (Вайт Капитал) http://whitecapital.io

Официальный сайт: http://whitecapital.io

Адрес: Москва

О компании

White Capital is a global group of companies which provides financial services and creates new blockchain-based products.

Before structuring the company, our partners and founders had a long history of investing in cryptocurrencies. Now we are focusing on building a leading global investment institution and capitalizing on the rise of stable cryptocurrencies as a new sustainable asset class.

Foremost, we are entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, we set a goal of building an innovative and very successful company. To us, this means ensuring long term strategic vision, developing innovative products and approaches and building lasting relationships with our clients. Even in such a highly unregulated environment as cryptomarket and building new digital financial products today we commit to offer best-in-class investment products and services to our clients (as opposed to succumbing to general hype and reaping the short-term rewards). We believe our team combines the deep knowledge of product building expertise with our extensive experience in the crypto-space.

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