Units Capital (Юнитс Капитал) https://unitscapital.com

Официальный сайт: https://unitscapital.com

Телефон: +48221031336; +4930726134833

Адрес: support@unitscapital.co.uk

О компании

Why us?

Units Capital have the opportunity to independently engage in direct trading. At the same time, clients do not need to worry about other aspects of their work: our specialists will take care of this, who also assist traders in their work.

They will not only take care of your education and development in this area, but also deal with any questions that arise in your work in this industry.
You will be able to develop and reach new heights by studying all the nuances and aspects of the functioning of the financial market. Training is conducted in an accessible language with all the necessary step-by-step instructions.

The trading platform exists in different versions: you can trade both in the computer and in the mobile version.

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