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Tradero has established itself as one of the most reputable and transparent brokers in the industry because of our extensive experience in the financial markets.
Tradero offers a wide range of products and services to traders all around the world.
Client funds are segregated | 200+ trading instruments are available | spreads start at 0.01 pips.


Tradero is one of the most successful and rapidly expanding online trading companies today. We’ve been committed to our mission of making trading more professional, accessible, and secure since the beginning. 

Tradero has a well-experienced crew that knows everything there is to know about trading. We understand what it takes to be successful in trading and the dangers that might derail traders’ progress. As a result, all of the products and services we provide have a single purpose: to assist our traders in succeeding. 


The spreads and swap rates are how Tradero makes its money. We don’t charge commissions or fees on deposits or withdrawals, unlike any other trading company.

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