Sheer Markets (Шир Маркетс)

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Телефон: +6087 581755

Адрес: Office 5, Phil Business Centre 2, Unit F7, 1st Floor, Paragon Labuan, Jalan Tun Mustapha, 87000, F.T. Labuan, Malaysia.

О компании

Sheer Markets Limited is a newly established Financial Institution. But being new should not be mistaken with being inexperienced. Sheer Markets Limited was founded by a group of Financial Professionals with deep experience in both Financial Markets and Technology. Together, this exceptional group of Financial Professionals brings an excess of 200 years of cumulative experience in Trading, Technology, Markets and Finance. Sheer Markets Limited is extremely proud to be one of the very first institutions to make available streaming liquidity in non-deliverable currency CFD’s to a broader group of Traders. In addition to this new offering, Sheer Markets also offers an extremely competitive product range which includes traditional Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies and Stock Indices. We expect this offering to grow with our Customers and reflect the realities in the Markets we serve.


Sheer Markets Limited was established in 2019 with a mission to offer a new range of products that are currently unavailable to the retail online trading community. Founded on the principles of integrity, collaboration and adaptability, Sheer Markets Limited strives to provide clients with competitive, streaming access to a comprehensive instrument range, including NDFs, EMFX, and Cryptocurrencies, and to represent the driving force in an ever-evolving global industry.


NDFs CFDs and EMFX, which are the main products offered by Sheer Markets Limited, have long been kept under wraps in the online trading world, stuck in a frenzy of trading major currency pairs. Over the past 12 years, a 300% increase in volume has been recorded in NDFs. A demand of which is steadily growing as the economies of NDFs and EMFX develop further. With Sheer Markets Limited, clients can trade in the likes of the Indian Rupee and Korean Won, tapping into new pools of investment potential.

With an expansion in liquidity and an increase in turnover in the NDF market, more and more individuals worldwide seek new avenues of investment; the timing could not be more suitable for Sheer Markets to fill this gap and offer a viable streaming NDF CFDs service.

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