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Официальный сайт:https://octaviotrade-fx.com

Телефон: +(1100) 1989 1994 0901

Адрес: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960.

О компании

Octaviotradefx is an international recognized online broker specializing in providing traders with high quality online services. With a team hundreds of dedicated financial experts and technical support staff, Octaviotradefx operates worldwide providing its services through a variety of trading platforms such as mobile and desktop and webtrader. Our multinational team is comprised of financial professionals with decades of combined industry experience working with IT experts who formulate Octaviotradefx trading systems. We are committed to employing people of integrity, initiative and ability who help us continue the culture of strong work ethic, value for ideas and responsiveness to customer goals. Octaviotradefx is dedicated to continuous technical innovation and regular promotion of its services with the aim of providing traders with an efficient, flexible and reliable trading environment. When it comes to trusting a firm with your investment and trading needs, look no further than Octaviotradefx. We’ve built our reputation upon the mission of providing our clients with transparent business practices and fair, quick executions. We have some of the best competitive spreads that you’ll not find anywhere. Octaviotradefx partners with numerous global banks and financial institutions to provide our clients with the best trade rates available in the planet. We have no dealing desk executions, you’ll find that there are no conflicts of interest between brokers and traders. There are also no dealer interventions, which gives you, the investor, the best options available. In addition, Octaviotradefx also sees to it that no providers can view your stops, limits or entry orders. This competitive system reduces the likelihood that price providers will be able to manipulate the market to their advantage.

Octaviotradefx VALUES

At Octaviotradefx you will have no trading restrictions, Even when there’s breaking stock market news, you can still execute your trades as you see fit. You can place orders anywhere, including inside the spread, and all rollover amounts are displayed in advance, ensuring transparency

As a reputed and globally recorgnized Investment Firm, Our Clients can be confident that Octaviotradefx constantly meets strict standards of financial stability and correct behavior towards clients’ funds and financial instruments.

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