Noor Capital (Нур Капитал)

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Телефон: +97142795400; +97126266888

Адрес: Al-Montazah Tower B, Office 203/204, Second Floor, Zayed the First Street, Khalidiyah; Electronic and Support Services: Suite 1208 Level 12 Opal Tower Burj Khalifa Street, P.O.Box 334241

О компании

What Makes Noor Capital the best Choice Globally?

  • Duly Regulated

Established in 2005, Noor Capital P.S.C. is a Private Joint Stock Company, regulated by the Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi, and the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).

  • Multiple Financial & Investment Solutions

With an exceptional combination of an extremely experienced team and highly efficient trading platforms like NoorTrader, Noor Capital Stocks Trading Platform (GTN), and Noor Capital’s MetaTrader 4 (MT4), Noor Capital provides you by a turnkey solution for all your trading and financial needs.

  • Global Access

Noor Capital gives you global access to its trading platform, multiple trading tools, and educational resources — anytime and from anywhere.

  • Excellent Investment Advice

Several years of experience and highly certified professionals made Noor Capital well equipped to guide you to the right investment decisions. We have successfully helped individuals, corporates, and institutional investors with insightful investment advice and exclusive investment opportunities globally.

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  1. Сам брокер не пользуется популярностью у профессиональных и опытных трейдеров, говорят что это мошенники!

  2. Отлично забирает средства клиентов и их бумаги за счет манипуляций с новостями, аналитикой и подачей информации, в нужный момент, когда трейдер может хорошо заработать, они урезают плечо, а когда наоборот, повышают его и уменьшают обеспечение по марже

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