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О компании

Our team developed Money Score after recognizing the fact that there was simply no program that helped someone measure their true money health.  We have admittedly had our own struggles with money, and the years of experience fixing those problems has served as a springboard to launch Money Score.

By focusing on two simple money truths–opportunity costs and second order thinking–we developed a program to uncover the psyche of your money habits. Only AFTER you understand the psyche of money can you successfully implement tactics of healthier money habits. 

Marry those two money truths with game theory via scoring, and you have the most powerful combination for changing money direction. Once we unlocked the effectiveness of this fusion, we wanted to not only help business owners and individuals change the direction of their money habits, but we also wanted to provide an opportunity for people to help facilitate that change using a done-for-you system.

Whether you want to participate in Money Score, or become a Money Score Partner, there is an opportunity for you!

Our Vision

We’re out to create a measurement of money health that is as widely known and commonly used as the credit score. We are in the business of changing lives by teaching money truths not uncovered in any other program. Learning these money truths is a must for any age group, status, season, or income bracket.

We’re out to bring together an army of individuals and professionals who are confident in their money habits, focused on building a peaceful money legacy, and equipped with the tools, knowledge, and community necessary to experience true wealth.

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