MJH Finance (Эм Джи Аш Финанс) https://mjhfinance.com

Официальный сайт: https://mjhfinance.com

Телефон: +441223969955

Адрес: 37 Cedardale Park, Widnes, England, WA8 3JU

О компании

In 2014, the founders of the company launched the first online trading service under the MJH Finance brand.

Full of energy and determination, we worked to realize our unique vision of the industry

We treat security extremely seriously

We maintain a high quality of customer service and guarantee the maximum safety of their assets.

That is why we have elaborated our own investment security policy.

Funds are held simultaneously in several banks

MJH Finance provides the necessary segregation of client assets by separating client funds from the company’s operating assets.

This approach ensures that investors’ funds are safe even if the company becomes insolvent.

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