LexingtonPlus (Лексингтон Плюс) https://www.lexingtonplus.com

Официальный сайт: https://www.lexingtonplus.com

Телефон: +442039365456

Адрес: 150 Beach Road, Singapore

О компании

Lexington Plus is an online trading facility which services thousands of clients from across the world. We are an ever growing and developing company who’s main focus is on improving the trading experience of our users. We offer trading with CDC’s across a range of asset classes with hundreds of unique digital assets to trade on.

We take pride in being a company with 100% Crypto transacting for all of our user accounts. Since its inception Lexington Plus has pioneered the way for Crypto transacting companies with swift and reliable transactions to and from its user accounts.

Lexington Plus services clients from across the globe but mainly deals with EU, Asian and Oceanian clients. Because of this we have multiple teams of specialists on hand across various time zones to keep our clients demands met. Whether it be one of our account managers, in house analysts or customer support agents, we employ the best specialists for servicing our user’s needs.

Our company also provides educational services in trading and the financial markets. We believe that better educated traders are more successful overall, that’s why we offer such tools as E-books, Webinars and one on one analyst sessions to our users to help improve their market knowledge and proficiency.

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