Intelligence Prime Capital (Интилигенс Прайм Капитал)

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Адрес: 1 YONGE STREET, SUITE 1304 TORONTO ON M5E 1W7 M21080237

О компании

What Makes IPCAPITAL Different?

1.Who We Are–IPCAPITAL is an international Fintech company that provides financial services to hundreds and thousands of users around the world,upholding the principles of professionalism, innovation, and integrity to serve the financial market. We are fully licensed with all relevant regulatory authorities, and hold a digital asset management license that allows us to provide users with a one-stop diversified digital asset service platform. Other operations include R&D into the future of Fintech, such as quantitative trading, leveraged AI analysis systems, cloud storage systems and enterprise-management softwares.
2.Our Mission-IPCapital is here to serve the next generation of financial-savvy users that grew up with the internet.The internet has redefined almost everything that we can think of. We are doing things differently, inventing new paths, and breaking the old way.As a leading edge Fintech company, IPCapital is committed to helping global users and enterprises to realize their true potential.With our proprietary AI analysis system, financial services and technological innovations, we are building everything that you need to survive in the financial markets.
3.Our Vision -IPCapital seeks to bring inspiration and innovation to every enterprise and aspiring entrepreneur in the world.The company will drive a global push for everyone to have an even playing ground in the global financial markets. Our research focus lies in continuously building and delivering the best products, and implementing solutions at scale.
4.Our Values–Client Value Creation
To provide a multifaceted outlook on how to best create value for our clients, by analysing opportunities, continously build relationships, and executing on the best strategies.

Integrity is the foundation for all we do, and is a core value of our company.
Leverage on the power of the masses to build up a better future.
We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.
To have the foresight to move forward regardless of the circumstances.
5.Our Development Approach – Holistic Ecosystem
The development of a holistic ecosystem involves the cooperation of individual users, enterprises, fintech providers and regulatory authorities.At IPCapital, our focus is on technological advancement to facilitate the delivery of regulatory requirement and satisfy market demands. Financial institutions typically adopt a siloed approach to regulation, but by trying to see the bigger picture, we can transform cost into an opportunity.

As veterans within the financial industry, many of our leaders have a vision of crafting a better future.Our R&D approach has us asking what kind of upgrades or improvements can change the world, and then we set out to do just that. Our team has identified artificial intelligence and cloud storage to be two of the largest industries within the next few years, and our research focus will remain on high-quality technological innovations to continuously develop better products.
6.Our Products – AIA BOT System
The AIA BOT system uses AI technology to analyze trading patterns according to specified technical settings and preset algorithms.Suitable for F(x), gold, commodities, oil and cryptocurrency trading.

IPCLOUD is a diversified asset management platform equipped to provide reliable and trustworthy custodian services for both enterprises and individual users.At the moment, we offer digital assets cloud storage services, digital asset management services, as well as digital assets trading.

More Coming Soon.
7.We have users and companies from 10 countries
8.Our Certification
Canadian Registration Certificate

Financial Transaction and Reporting Analysis Center (FINTRAC)
Intelligence Prime Capital ltd.

U.S. Digital Asset Regulatory License — MSB
MSB Registration Number : 31000192092217
Registration Type : Initial Registration
Legal Name : Intelligence prime capital ltd.
MSB Activities : Dealer in foreign exchange, Money transmitter

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