FXKovner (ФХ Ковнер) https://www.fxkovneraa.com/

Официальный сайт: https://www.fxkovneraa.com/

О компании

Our Success is Measured by Your Success

Here at FXKOVNER CAPITAL HOLDING GROUP LTD registered in the UK​, we aim to provide only the best trading experience, guaranteeing a seamless and high speed execution and powerful performance.

FXKOVNER CAPITAL HOLDING GROUP LTD is managed by a team of experienced management with many years of experience in the trading industry and with our cutting edge technology; we can help you to achieve your trading goals more quickly.

Our clients are diversified, from experienced and amateur traders, fund managers, and institutional customers.

We also use a number of liquidity providers such as banks to provide our pricing which is then flowed directly to you, without any interference from any parties including us.

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