FXGM (Эф Икс Джи Эм) https://www.fxgm.com

Официальный сайт: https://www.fxgm.com

Телефон: +35722300542

Адрес: Artemisia Business Centre, 14 Charalambou Mouskou, 2nd Floor, Office 201, 2014 Nicosia, Cyprus.

О компании

FXGM is a brand name of Depaho Ltd, a Cypriot investment firm incorporated in 2011. Its headquarters are in Cyprus, in the city of Nicosia.

Depaho Ltd offers its customers online trading of currencies, commodities and of major stocks via CFDs (Contract for Difference) in a sophisticated trading platform called PROfit. The PROfit platform was developed to provide beginners with a user friendly trading environment, but robust enough to answer the demands of more experienced traders. Depaho Ltd is regulated in Europe by the Cypriot Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC), adhering to the strict guidelines of regulators designed to provide investors with complete transparency and full knowledge of the benefits and risks associated with online trading.

Services We Provide

From a personal account manager to 100% Investment Insurance*, FXGM’s wide variety of tools and services provide traders with a complete investment environment. In addition, FXGM prides itself on outstanding financial training that is designed to teach everything from basic terms and concepts, to more advanced trading ideologies and analysis techniques. No matter the financial background or experience of the trader, FXGM offers suitable training opportunities.

Market Analysis Tools

FXGM recognizes that information is imperative for the success and prosperity of its traders. As a result, FXGM offers financial tools to help traders make more informed and accurate decisions that can potentially increase profits. Traders, who lack the financial literacy to understand the market analysis tools, can refer to FXGM’s training services for support.

Personal Account Manager

All our clients are allocated a personal account manager to provide guidance and training on our platform and to provide general customer service for any enquiry. The account manager may provide market updates and news and factual information on the financial markets. This information is provided solely to enable the client to make his own investment decisions.

100% Investment Insurance

Unique to FXGM, traders receive protection for their first 10 trades. This means that any losses suffered are returned to the trader’s account, allowing the trader a second opportunity to earn a profit. This is especially important for beginners who require room for error, as they take their first steps as online traders. The 10 protected positions are designed for traders to evaluate the market in a safe and segregated environment.

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