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Адрес: support@fxcm-holdings.com

О компании

How to EARN?

You can buy and sell stocks, currencies, gold, etc., for your own benefit, because asset prices change every second. You can make money in two directions: on the growth of their value and on the fall.

he rules are the same for everyone: buy cheaper, sell more. Or vice versa, sell high and buy low. For example, to make money on the growth of stock prices, you buy them, say, at $ 10 per share, and after a while, when their price reaches $ 23 per piece — sell. The difference between the buy price and the sell price is your profit.

Powerful platform

Powerful and easy to use platform
Everything we do, we do for you. Our innovative platform makes investing more efficient, accessible and intuitive. You can make money on various metals, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies. All in your hands.

Online trading is buying and selling stocks online. No human interaction. This is the most convenient and economical way to trade.

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