Finlay (Финлай)

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Телефон: (442) 038077657 (749) 54019954 (781) 22004924 (390) 294752877

Адрес: 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica

О компании

Trade with a trusted global broker!

Broker Finlay provides traders around the world with high-quality services for online trading in the financial markets

We give our customers opportunities for simple and productive trading!

We help traders gain access to a market with several assets and provide clients with any experience with professional-grade tools, industry-leading prices and world-class service.

Finlay continues to overcome barriers in global capital markets thanks to its technology expertise. Providing premium services, competitive prices, and intuitive platforms and capabilities.

We have the most transparent trading conditions!

We employ only highly qualified investment professionals with excellent customer service skills and experience in the field of financial services. Our global research team defines the information that drives the markets so that you can predict potential price movements and take advantage of market trading opportunities.

01 More markets

Over 400 assets to trade. A variety of the most popular tools, including Forex, products, indices, bonds.

02 Access

We give you free access to thousands of automated trading strategies.

03 Flexible conditions

Competitive spreads for trading on the most popular assets in the industry.

04 Mobile Trading

Trade through the Status platform on a tablet or mobile phone.

05 Full support

Get free daily market analysis, quality training materials and 24/7 multilingual support.

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