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Официальный сайт: https://examarkets.com

Телефон: +60876654227

Адрес: support@examarkets.com

О компании


We are headed to be the future, not the past.

Absolute Majority of forex brokers are using the technology and methods of 1990s, some of them even have human Dealing Desks and phone dealing.

You don’t use an antique carburator engine in a modern car, although it is beautiful and is still running.

It is time to update your Windows XP and change your old Nokia for a modern Smartphone.

Our Software core and Infrastructure, is designed according to the latest standards set by worlds Leaders such as Google, Apple, Facebook an others.


We use top class certified PCI Highest Encryption Standards and Advanced Database Security, protected entirely from hacking and stealing of your information and funds.


We follow international regulations agains Money laundry and as a non regulated Company voluntarily apply KYC and Client Classification protocols and standards.

Risk Management

We are, as the majority of professional Brokers a Hybrid type Broker, meaning we can be operating as a market maker or an STP platform defined by the Risk Management Principles. In other words some of the trades are processed within the company own liquidity and the others are sent via our Liquidity Providers to the Interbank processing.

Our current trusted top tier Liquidity providers are CAPXM and EQUITY CAPITAL.

Risk Management decisions are made with the help of professional risk managers with the help of AI analysis system.


Exa Markets LLC is registered June 2020, First Floor, First St Vincent Bank LTD building, James street, Kingstown, VC0100, St. Vincent and Grenadines. Registration number: 471 LLC 2020

St. Vincent and the Grenadines does not provide Licensing or Regulation of Forex Brokerage, nevertheless we strictly comply to Local and International Laws and ethics of Business.

Exa Markets LLC doesn’t provide service to customers from Regulated or Sanctioned Regions such as the USA, Canada, Israel and Iran.

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