Dirham (Дирхам) https://dirham.trade

Официальный сайт: https://dirham.trade

Адрес: support@dirham.app

О компании



  • Deposits and Withdrawals

Commission rates depend on the currency and the method used to make deposits and withdrawals. Minimum commission: 1.5%.

  • Trading commission

The minimum commission is 0.01%.


Reliable platform for secure cryptocurrency trading Crypto exchanges is increasingly being targeted by hackers. In 2017 the largest cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. Hackers stole customer details and millions of dollars in bitcoins. To keep traders personal information and assets safe, we are using proven multi-level security information systems.

Data security

2FA provides account protection and prevents third parties from accessing it
The SSL Certificate helps traders protect their data during transfer
DDoS mitigation provides uninterrupted access to the exchange market

Assets security

Funds can be withdrawn only after user ID verification
Crypto assets are kept in hot/cold storage
When the user’s personal data is changed, the withdrawal of funds is suspended for 72 hours for verification.

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