CPT Markets (СПТ Маркетс) https://asia.cptinternational.com/

Официальный сайт: https://asia.cptinternational.com/

Телефон: 400 1001 103

Адрес: cs@cptmarkets.com

О компании

CPT Markets is a leading provider of international financial derivatives and related services. Our mission is to enable investors to enter financial markets with strict regulation, transparent transaction prices and outstanding customer support services. Years of sufficient accumulation and experience enable us to create a safe and transparent trading environment for investors interested in the global financial derivatives. We provide investors with competitive spread to reduce trading risk by cooperating with top liquidity providers and trading various financial derivatives in real time through online trading platform. We are dedicated to provide one-stop financial services to introductory service brokers, financial institutions and banks around the world.
As the foreign exchange market is a 24-hour uninterrupted trading market, therefore, in order to solve the various problems in the transactions faced by traders in the Asia-Pacific region and global Chinese-speaking customers, and in order to provide excellent trading experience without time difference and language barrier, CPT Markets Asia Pacific Customer Service Center is officially put into operation, providing traders with weekly 5*24 hours of excellent customer service.
With advanced online trading system that encompasses professional Forex and CFD markets, CPT Markets is committed to help customers to get the accurate quotations quickly through solid risk management system. CPT Markets works with various institutions,professional clients and experienced retail customers to create tailored solutions that enable them to build and manage their business in a positive and sound manner. Many years of experience in trading and compliance, gained brokerage business knowledge from both traders and sellers and keen market insight are the most important feature of our CPT Markets team members, which enable us to understand our customer needs and the ever-changing market challenges better.
Combined with experienced industry elites and high-level IT service team, CPT Markets aims to provide a safe, stable and transparent trading platform for traders and continue to achieve innovative breakthroughs.

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