Chainge Finance (Чейндж Фейс)

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When it comes to cross-chain, Chainge is the leading authority in the DeFi space. With 13 integrated chains and counting, the app supports over 75 assets so that users can maximise their wealth’s potential and enjoy a secure, flexible & worry-free financial life.

Setup a secure wallet in an instant

Worried about security? Then worry no more. The DCRM tech behind the Chainge app is naturally immune to hacks while your wallet’s seed phrase can easily be encrypted in a QR code you can keep literally anywhere since you’re the only one who can decrypt it.

More than staking

Time-Framing, (aka Staking on steroids) is a unique Chainge functionality that allows you to split your asset into defined time-periods. This basically means you are assigning a purpose to a certain amount of wealth for a certain amount of time, while still having full ownership rights over your assets.

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