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О компании

247 ProTrade was founded a decade ago in order to open the gateway to online trading so that it would no longer just be accessible to high net worth individuals or institutional traders. Our brokerage was created to make the latest technology available to every trader.

When computerized trading debuted, it mandated a depth of financial knowledge and equity that restricted the playing field. We’ve broken down those barriers by providing an up and down options platform which strips trading down to the bare essentials. With the vast amount of information available today, everyone can learn how the markets work, and turn that opportunity into the potential for a new career or an additional source of income.

One difference between our brokerage and our competitors is that we are all traders ourselves. We know the ins and outs of investing online. This is why we built our company to provide you with the tools and support that we believe to be the key to consistent trading success.

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